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At 305 Car Care, we take pride in providing the best possible auto bodywork, collision repair, and paint.  If you need to have your car repaired or refinished, we offer the most competitive prices in the industry today, as well as the fastest turnaround times.  Most importantly, our goal is to provide the ultimate customer experience with the highest quality of Downtown Miami auto repair workmanship backed by a 100% guarantee of customer satisfaction.

The 305 Promise

If you’re in Downtown Miami, Miami-Dade County, or the surrounding areas in South Florida, 305 Car Care offers the most current cutting-edge auto collision repair and refinishing services on the market.  We promise that:

  • All work on your vehicle will be done right the first time and we will only use OEM replacement parts when repairing and refinishing it.
  • We will complete all work in a timely fashion in order to ensure meeting the deadline we have given you.
  • Your vehicle will be delivered in the same condition as when you first saw it and drove it off the dealership’s lot.

Our Downtown Miami body shop provides the highest quality repair and refinishing, as well as trustworthy service, and you have found it at 305 Car Care.

Our Services

As the Downtown Miami area’s collision repair and refinishing specialists, our state-of-the-art I-Car Gold Class facility and a team of ASE-certified technicians are equipped with the finest technology and tools in the industry.  Aside from this, we also offer an array of services that our competition is envious of, including:

  • Auto accident collision repair
  • Bodywork
  • FREE Downtown Miami towing
  • Downtown Miami mechanic
  • Car painting

In addition, we provide 24-hour claims service and vehicle rentals on-site.  In case of a car or truck accident in Downtown Miami, we can help you file your insurance claim.  Furthermore, we will make sure that you have reliable transportation while your vehicle is being repaired.  Our goal is to make sure all steps necessary to get your insurance company to reimburse you are taken and completed correctly.

Our Process

Knowing how the auto body repair and paint shop process works will give you a better understanding of how our Downtown Miami paint and body shop handles your vehicle once you leave it in our capable hands.  The basic steps in this process include:

Step #1: First, we determine the full extent of the damage to your vehicle – we examine all components so our mechanic specialists can provide a complete picture of the damage as well as a solution for repairing it.  At this time 305 Car Care will give you an estimate of the costs involved.

Step #2: we will order the necessary parts – once the repair plan has been developed, one of our Downtown Miami auto collision technicians will order the parts required to complete your repairs.  Some exterior and interior components of your vehicle might need to be repaired or replaced during this step.

Step #3: After all necessary repairs are completed, we will paint your vehicle – after we have repaired and/or replaced any damaged components, we will apply the paint we have chosen for your vehicle.  We can make cosmetic repairs to your vehicle by seamlessly matching the paint on your vehicle to any repaired or replaced parts.

Step #4: Your vehicle will be delivered after all reassembly has been completed and all systems will have been thoroughly checked to ensure everything functions properly and that all repairs have been completed correctly.  We will clean and detail your car and return it in ready-to-drive condition before we send it back to you.

For more information, contact 305 Car Care today. We’ll be glad to help you get the information that you seek. Call us at 305-227-2273 today!

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