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Since 1998, 305 Car Care has been one of the most reputable and trusted shops in the greater Miami area. They are well recognized for having one of the most extensive lines of services including auto body work, collision repair, mechanical work, painting, and towing services. This includes our auto detailing services in Miami as well as our interior detailing and rim detailing services. So no matter what type of vehicle you drive, you can rest assured that we’ll provide the highest quality care and maintenance at the greatest value on the market today.

Your One-Stop Detailing Shop

The importance of exterior car detailing services in Miami cannot be overstated when you consider how your vehicle takes a beating from Mother Nature and the elements here in southern Florida. When combined with the exposure to bird droppings, bugs, fresh road tar, road debris, rock chips, and tree sap, there’s a real need for auto detailing services to preserve the exterior of your vehicle. In addition to these issues, individuals living on or near the coastline have to contend with damage caused by the salt air of the ocean.

Furthermore, preserving the inside of your vehicle is equally as important as taking care of the outside. With the interior detailing services in Miami provided by 305 Car Care, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable driving experience. While regular dusting and vacuuming of the interior will improve the appearance it, a complete interior detail should be done 2 to 3 times annually will ensure that the upholstery always looks new. But that’s not all.

Because of light key scratches, the paint getting roughed up by the salt in the air, and the sticky tree sap that gets all over your vehicle and its windows, we will recommend a wet sand and buff treatment in Miami to improve the appearance of the exterior. No matter how large or small the job is, 305 Car Care will keep your vehicle looking like new inside and out. We are committed to providing the highest quality service possible at the greatest value while exceeding your expectations in the process.

Additional Detailing Services

The mark of an industry leading paint and body shop is the nature and extent of the services they offer. 305 Car Care offers the most comprehensive line of paint and auto body as well as auto detailing and interior detailing services in Miami in the southern Florida area including the following:

  • Ceramic pro paint coatings – the paint correction Miami process removes a safe yet minimum amount of clearcoat or paint yet achieves the maximum effect. In the majority of the vehicles that we service, buffer marks, cob-webbing, hologram effects, micro-marring, scratches, and swirl marks can be completely removed from a broad range of paints. This includes a number of varieties of scratch-resistant ceramic clearcoat found on the market today. We safely remove all imperfections and never use fillers or glazes in the paint correction process.
  • Paint correction – the one step of our car detailing service in Miami that provides a dramatic difference in the appearance of your vehicle’s paint is our paint correction process in Miami. This process actually removes the blemishes from your vehicle’s paint. Unlike some of our competitors, 304 Car Care doesn’t mask them with fillers. It involves one of the most intensive, meticulous polishing and time-consuming processes to do it properly.
  • Rim detailing – in order to remove etching and protect the wheel coating, your bare metal, painted, or powder-coated wheels will be thoroughly cleaned and polished during our rim detailing process in Miami. During this time, we will remove your wheels in order to do the job properly and then re-install them according to the manufacturer’s factory torque specifications.

We are dedicated to providing our customers the best service possible regardless of how large or small the job is. For more information about our auto detailing services in Miami or any of our other paint and body shop services, please contact 305 Car Care today.